O Levels Education

Among the many schools available, it is crucial to choose the top O Levels schools in Karachi that offer a well-rounded education. In our school's Grade 9, students are introduced to the world of O Level with a variety of new subjects, including biology, chemistry, and physics, bringing their total subject tally to 12. While this may seem daunting at first, the diversity of subjects is an integral part of the O’ Level experience, giving students an opportunity to explore their academic interests.

Subject Selection

Our program focuses on the child and develops the students’ competencies, knowledge, creativity, life skills, as well as their general well being and prepares students for the next step of their education, providing a clear path as they progress through the Cambridge Pathway.

Before starting Grade 10, students select their O Level subjects for the next two years. In addition to the compulsory subjects, students must choose between Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering & Business Groups as Major subject groups.

CAIE Preparation

Our mission is to provide top O-levels education to the students of Karachi. In Grades 10 and 11 students focus on their compulsory subjects along with the major groups and elective subjects that they have opted for. Students appear for their Pakistan Studies, Urdu & Islamiyah O Level examinations in Grade 10 and appear for the remaining examinations in Grade 11.


Test Week

The Test Week, as the name suggests, is a calendar week dedicated to subject testing. Tests for all subjects are held during this week. Mid-Terms are held in the month of December and final exams are held in the month of April-May.